Interior Design Mistakes That Cheapen Your Home, According to Realtors

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According to Realtors, there are many decor and design mistakes that cheapen the look of your home. Times change and what may have looked good 10 years ago, might be out of style now.

Your home is your own sacred retreat. While everyone has different styles and tastes, there are quite a few ways your home may look tacky.

Check out the list below to see if you have these in your home, and tips on improving your decor and design.

Interior Design Mistakes to Avoid

As realtors, we know what home design ideas appeal to buyers! There are many interior design mistakes that you want to avoid if you do not want to cheapen your home.

Most commonly when staging a home for sale we often see:

  • Overly themed rooms
  • Inconsistent floor colors
  • Matching furniture sets
  • Outdated curtains
  • Wrong sized rugs
  • Generic gallery walls
  • Popcorn ceilings

With this list, you can see there are many items that can make your home look tacky, even more so if you have a combination of them.

Changing or updating just a few of these items will help immensely. Here is how you can correct 4 of the most common interior mistakes.

#1: Trendy Decor & DIY Furniture

When you fill a room full of current trends, it can go out of style quickly and can go from trendy to tacky. Stick with primarily classic styles and then you aren’t changing out rooms full of decor every time the trends change.

Who isn’t proud of a good DIY piece of furniture? While it can be a great conversation starter or add uniqueness to the room, too much of it can look like a room full of junk.

#2: Bad Lighting & Phrase Art

Not only can light fixtures influence the look of a room, but the brightness and bulb style can too.

Adding a classic floor lamp or updating your table lamp can be a cheap and easy upgraded fix for lighting. Make sure your bulbs aren’t too bright white, or it can wash out your room.

Once you are done with the lighting on the inside, head outside to check the lights! Functional outdoor lighting can make a welcoming front porch.

#3: Phrase Art

“Live, laugh, love” are great words to live by, but you certainly don’t need to display those words all over the house in various ways.

Generic “phrase” art is impersonal and tacky. When picking out art for your home, try to find unique or more personal pieces.

#4: Cluttered Spaces

It is easy to let your home’s spaces get cluttered, especially if you have kids or pets. Getting rid of clutter will help keep your decor and design looking nice and intentional.

Getting rid of items or finding a place for every item is an easy fix. You can use our spring cleaning guide to learn more about keeping your spaces clutter free!

Improve Home Value with the Right Interior

Your home is an investment that includes the inside. You can improve and maintain your home’s value by decorating with the right interior.

For more tips on making your home look expensive, check out this blog on how to make your home look more expensive!

5 Tips for Making Your Home Look More Expensive

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