Building Connections: Why You Should Partner with a Local Real Estate Agent When Moving to North Carolina’s High Country

Moving to North Carolina’s High Country is an exciting adventure filled with stunning scenery, outdoor activities, and welcoming communities. Whether you’re relocating for a new job, a change of pace, or to embrace mountain living, the process can be overwhelming. One of the best ways to make your move smoother is by connecting with a local realtor. Here’s why teaming up with 828 Real Estate is a game-changer for your relocation to the High Country.

Local Expertise You Can Trust

The team at 828 Real Estate knows the High Country like the back of their hand. From Boone and Blowing Rock to Banner Elk and West Jefferson, they understand the unique vibe of each town and neighborhood. Looking for the college-town buzz of Boone, the charm of Blowing Rock, or the ski-resort feel of Banner Elk? They’ve got you covered. Their local knowledge ensures you find the perfect spot for your lifestyle and needs.



Get the Inside Scoop on Listings

One of the perks of working with 828 Real Estate is access to listings you might not find online. They often know about homes that haven’t hit the market yet, giving you a head start in finding your dream home. Check out their current listings to see what’s out there and get a taste of what they can offer.

Navigate the Red Tape with Ease

Buying a home comes with its fair share of paperwork and local regulations. The team at 828 Real Estate is well-versed in the legal ins and outs of the High Country. They’ll help you understand local tax implications and ensure all the paperwork is in order, saving you from potential headaches. Their blog is also great for tips and insights about the local market.

Skilled Negotiators on Your Side

Getting the best deal on your new home is all about having the right negotiator. 828 Real Estate agents know the market trends and property values inside and out. They’ll work hard to negotiate the best price and terms, ensuring you get a great deal without overpaying.

Connect with Trusted Local Pros

Moving means finding new service providers, and that can be daunting. 828 Real Estate can introduce you to reliable mortgage brokers, home inspectors, contractors, and even local handymen. This network of trusted professionals makes your move smoother and helps you settle in quickly. 828 Real Estate’s Local Vendor Page

About the Author

Taylor Higdon was born and raised in Atlanta, GA, and was fortunate that family ties in North Carolina allowed her to fall in love with all North Carolina offers. One of her fondest memories was staying at the family’s cabin overlooking Pilot Mountain and spending long summer days trekking down the Blue Ridge Parkway to “Mr. Martin’s Store” for an orange crush and a moonpie, then stopping at “Turtle Rock” to take in the views. This fueled her love of traveling and experiencing all the world has to offer. 

Taylor studied Advertising and Graphic Design at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas. Still, her passion for learning has taken her through additional areas of study, and she refuses to stop learning. 

Her love for community led her to publish a neighborhood-specific magazine in the neighborhood she grew up in to bring people together and keep the community informed. Taylor brings her love for community and helping people with her to 828 Real Estate and has jumped in headfirst, and is an active member of The Blowing Rock Chamber of Commerce. 

When Taylor is not working at 828 Real Estate, she spends time with her parents in Blowing Rock, exploring the many hiking trails, kayaking with friends, and spending time with her two cats, Inigo Montoya (Monty) and Pumpkin.