Airbnb Luxe: Does Your Vacation Rental Meet Requirements?

Airbnb Luxe vacation home rental in the Mountains of North Carolina

Airbnb is a common way travelers in North Carolina book their vacation stays. Whether you are seeking a small room in a home with shared space, a houseboat, a hobbit house, or a luxury villa, Airbnb has many options to meet your needs.

Many travelers want all the comforts of home and then some in their vacation rental. If you are buying a vacation rental and want to obtain luxury clientele, learning more about Airbnb Luxe’s vacation rental requirements might be able to help.

What is Airbnb Luxe?

Airbnb Luxe provides world-class rental properties to satisfy the most discerning guest. For a property to qualify as a Luxe property, one must apply on Airbnb’s website or they occasionally reach out to unique properties and invite them to apply.

After applications are submitted, the property must go through a 300-point inspection process by a 3rd party evaluator. This is done so guests can rest assured they will have a luxury experience.

With Airbnb Luxe, guests receive dedicated trip designers available 24/7 and work with the guest to curate their ideal experience. Airbnb calls this personalized travel “bespoke travel”.

All of the Airbnb Luxe properties are rentable homes from luxury real estate with high-class amenities. Most Airbnb Luxe listings offer additional add-on services to their guests like private airport pickup, chefs, butlers, massage therapists, drivers, childcare, and more.

Airbnb Luxe Listings vs Airbnb Plus Listings

To put your property on regular Airbnb listings, there are very general guidelines for acceptance. No in-person inspections are required from anyone associated with Airbnb and You can offer a room in a house, a condo, or entire property.

If you wish to up your hosting game, you can become an Airbnb Plus property. To qualify for this you must be renting the entire property or at least a private room with a private bath. You must also have at least a 4.8 review rating, accept 95% of bookings, and maintain Airbnb’s hospitality standards.

To be eligible to become an Airbnb Luxe home, vacation rentals must qualify as exceptional properties with high-quality and unique features. There is an onsite inspection of the property by a third party along with Airbnb Staff that keep an eye on things regularly.

Seamless Experience

Airbnb Luxe properties are private and cater to the ambiance in a desirable location with included comprehensive services such as childcare, a butler, a chef concierge, and professional resources. Homes are capable of entertaining large crowds and primarily have open floor plans.

Not to mention, premium luxury home features include appliances, heated pools, stocked kitchens, sufficient bathrooms, and private parking.

Desirable Location

Emphasis is put on prime locations for Airbnb Luxe. Areas like oceanfront, private estates, or breathtaking log cabins with mountain views will often have these Luxe properties. These properties elicit peaceful and tranquil feelings, tell a story, or offer unique features you cannot find anywhere else!

With the luxury real estate market booming in Blowing Rock and surrounding areas, there are plenty of opportunities for rental investment properties near popular attractions in the High Country of North Carolina.

How the Luxury Real Estate Market is in the North Carolina Mountains

Luxurious Hospitality

Airbnb Luxe properties offer a wide range of luxury services. Most of the time services are standard with booking or as optional add-ons.

Services may include childcare, a butler, a concierge, a personal chef, a massage therapist, or almost anything you can dream up. With Airbnb Luxe you work with trip designers to accommodate guest requests and ensure a personalized experience.

How to Meet Airbnb Luxe’s Vacation Rental Home Requirements

For a host to enter the world of Airbnb Luxe, there are strict guidelines you should consider before even applying. One must think about the cost to meet and maintain these standards.

Understand Airbnb Luxe Rental Property Criteria

One aspect of a Luxe listing is the design and finishes. The property must be professionally designed, and offer high-end furnishings, luxury linens, gourmet kitchen appliances, primary suites, and more. Additionally, they look for a unique location or setting where privacy is a top priority.

Implement Property Quality Standards

To maintain the Luxe listing standards, the property must be meticulously maintained. No ratty towels or overused sheets here! The property must remain impeccably clean and have all of the latest features and technology. You can implement concierge services to really up the ante.

Prioritize Host Responsiveness

Guests are the number one priority for Luxe Rentals. It is of utmost importance that the host is extremely responsive to the requests, questions, or needs of the guests. Airbnb monitors how quickly you respond to guests- the timer is always ticking!

Preparing for an Airbnb Luxe Home Inspection

Just like any home inspection, there are things you can do to prepare before seeking approval for Airbnb Luxe’s program. Here are a few ways you can prepare.

Conduct a Pre-Inspection Assessment

  • Conduct a thorough assessment of your property to identify any areas of improvement or attention.
  • Take note of any design aspects, amenities, or services that may enhance the overall luxe experience for guests.
  • Consider hiring a professional home inspector to provide an objective evaluation of your property before the official Airbnb inspection.

Collaborate with Airbnb Luxe’s Trip Designers and Inspectors

  • Leverage the expertise of Airbnb Luxe’s trip designers and inspectors to guide you through the preparation process.
  • Seek their input and recommendations on best showcasing your property’s unique features and meeting the Luxe standards.
  • Collaborate with them to ensure all necessary services and amenities are in place for the inspection.

Enhance Guest Experience

  • Ensure that the design elements, from furniture and décor to architectural details, exude luxury
  • Enhance the appeal of your property by maintaining well-manicured grounds and showcasing picturesque surroundings.
  • Consider any additional amenities or outdoor spaces that further enhance the guest experience.
  • Ensure all appliances, amenities, and services are in excellent working condition.
  • Anticipate guest needs by offering a range of luxury services and amenities that can be provided during their stay.

Prioritize Property Safety and Security

  • Prioritize the safety and security of your guests by meeting all necessary safety standards.
  • Install smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, and carbon monoxide detectors
  • Provide clear instructions on emergency procedures and have emergency contact information readily available

Benefits of Listing Your Vacation Rental on Airbnb Luxe

As a property owner, there are many benefits to listing your property as an Airbnb Luxe. Not only do you attract guests that tend to be more high-end and used to taking care of nice things, but you also can charge the rates associated with a high-end luxury property.

Airbnb does a nice job with its marketing and reminders of expected standards. It is typically a win-win for all parties involved!

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