The Ultimate Appalachian State University Bucketlist

Welcome back to school Appalachian State Mountaineers! Whether you’re a brand-new student or you’re seasoned, we’ve got the ultimate Appalachian State University Bucketlist. Here are 20 things every App State student needs to do according to alumna, Lauren Wasmund.

18 Things to Do at App State

#1 Eat Lunch at FARM Cafe on King Street: a great place to give back to the community and try new, delicious foods!


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#2 Watch the sunset at Caldwell Community College: The views are unparalleled!

#3 Go square dancing: The APPS Heritage Council hosts fun and free square dances on or near campus! It’s a perfect date-night idea.

#4 Visit the Farmer’s Market: What is a better way to connect to the local community and shop sustainably? You can support sustainable development efforts in the High Country while finding the best produce.

#5 Spend the day in Valle Crucis: There’s so much to do in beautiful Valle Crucis. The town was the first-ever Rural Historic District in the state of North Carolina. You can start the day off strolling through Mast General Store and the annex, before heading over to have a picnic and relaxing afternoon at Valle Crucis Community Park! It’s a gorgeous spot.

Man holding a fish in a stream in Valle Crucis, North Carolina.

Another fun hike to try in Valle Crucis is Crab Orchard Falls. You won’t want to miss the multi-layer waterfall.

#6 Hike Rough Ridge: Don’t forget to take a photo hanging off the rock at Rough Ridge. It looks scarier than it is!

Girl sitting on the edge of the cliff at Rough Ridge in Boone, NC.

#7 Take a photoshoot with friends on the Blue Ridge Parkway: You’ll never regret having too many memories to look back on.

Girl posing for photos on the Blue Ridge Parkway

#8 Get the international experience: Study abroad, make international friends or take a trip on your own!

Appalachian State University student studying abroad in Ireland.

#9 Eat free lunches at First Baptist Church beside the Library: You don’t have to be religious or a part of the church to get a free lunch every Tuesday beside campus! Take a break from Central or Trivette’s food.

#10 Take night walks on King Street in the snow: There’s something special about the quietness of the main street and the twinkle lights in the snow. It’s like magic! While on your walk, consider stopping by some of these local spots to take in Boone’s nightlife.

King Street in Boone, North Carolina covered in snow.

#11 (Actually) Study in the Library: It sounds lame, but there are many fun memories to be had in the library. The bottom floor is where it’s at, unless you’re trying to actually study, then you might want to stick to the 3rd floor.

#12 Take a film class: Trying to fulfill those last-minute general education requirements? Take a film class! They’re super fun.

#13 Catch $1 movies on campus: This is the ultimate movie-lover hack. Why pay $12 to see a movie when you can get the same experience at the on-campus movie theatre for only $1? Take a look at App State’s movie theater’s schedule. What do you want to watch?

#14 Attend the Appalachian State Fiddler’s Convention: Immerse yourself into the music, dance, and culture of Appalachia at the convention! It’s free and there’s even a craft fair. If bluegrass isn’t your thing, there are plenty of other live music events and festivals in the High Country to try!

#15 Cheer on the ‘Neers at a basketball game: Basketball games are totally underrated! They’re high energy, easier to understand than football and you get free stuff if your team wins. It’s always a good time.

#16 Learn from those who are different from you: College is not only about having academic-learning experiences, soak in all the different people and their backgrounds along the way! When I was at App State, I volunteered with WNCW in Spindale and learned all about listener-powered radio.

#17 Get involved in the local community: Volunteer with organizations in Watauga County! Get to know the town you’re living in and that involves meeting people outside of the school. If you’re looking for local organizations to work with, check out the local organizations we work with!

#18 Eat lunch on Sanford Mall: If you didn’t know already, the real stuff happens on Sanford Mall.

Chickpea lunch eaten at Sanford Commons at Appalachian State University in Boone, NC.

App State students, enjoy your college experience! We’re here on King Street if you ever need anything.

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Shalamar Blevins grew up in Ashe County, right next to the North Fork of the New River. Shalamar loves the outdoors after spending most of her life kayaking and hiking in her own front yard. 

Throughout her life, Shalamar tried to learn every art form she could get her hands on, from ceramics to African Batiking! Being creative and adding a splash of lively color is Shalamar’s superpower. After studying the classic mediums from local masters such as Stephen Shoemaker and Lenore DePree, Shalamar attended the North Carolina School of the Arts in Winston- Salem before attending UNC-Asheville. After graduating in 2011, Shalamar spent time traveling through Europe and Asia before moving back to the North Carolina High Country to start her own studio and to work for Florence Thomas Art School.

To this day Shalamar still loves to travel and hosts small art classes on location and at festivals. She joined the 828 Real Estate gang in the fall of 2021. Since then, she has been working diligently to provide their agents and clients with the latest marketing tools, while celebrating the adventures that await in the 828! Shalamar got married to wonderful fellow Ashe County native, Micheal the summer of 2021. Micheal is a 13 year US Army Veteran, recently graduated from Nursing school and just started a career at Watauga Medical. They have 2 fur babies, an Australian Shepherd named Quill and Chocolate Lab named Brody. These boys keep Mike and Shalamar on their toes!

 When Mike and Shalamar aren’t working on their garden and home improvement ventures, they love spending time with their big family and friends while exploring the local music and art scene of NC High Country!