Lindsay Pinckney’s Favorite Aspects of Real Estate

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As a part of our on going series on 828 Real Estate’s Team Members Top 5 Favorite Things About Being A Real Estate Agent, our newest agent, Lindsay Pinckney discusses the top aspects of her career in real estate. Here are the top 5 reasons Lindsay decided to work in our industry.

#1 The People

The people I meet and the relationships I build with them would not exist without real estate. Since we live in a place that attracts vacation home buyers, we meet people and families from all over the country, whether they are buying a second or third home, or relocating to the High Country like I did. Hearing their stories and finding things in common with them makes helping them buy or sell their home that much more fun.

#2 Every Day is Different

Even though every transaction has the same tasks, every day is different. One day I could be in the office and the next day out showing property. From the people to the properties to the obstacles to get passed. Because no transaction is the same, I can safely say I learn something new with each client.

#3 Helping Others

Whether you’re buying or selling, moving is very stressful. My goal is to do as much as I can to ease the stress for clients. From scheduling inspections to getting buyers in touch with lenders and contractors to taking great photos and marketing a property well, these things all go into making the process as smooth as possible. It is a great feeling when you close on a transaction with happy and satisfied clients.

#4 Flexibility

Being able to make my own schedule and not having to be in an office from 9-5 is another thing I love about real estate. I have two small children and spending time with them and watching them grow is important to me. The fact that I can do most of the work from home during nap time and bedtime gives me the best of both worlds. Since most buyers and sellers have 9-5 jobs and can’t communicate until the evening any way, it gives me the opportunity to spend the day with my kids and work with clients in the evening.

#5 Viewing Homes

Getting to see homes all over the High Country really is fun. Old houses with character and charm, new houses with the latest trends and high end finishes. Dated houses that need some TLC and renovated houses that show the sellers tastes. Big houses that can fit multiple families for the holidays and small, quaint houses for a cozy feel. Mountain cabins, traditional and contemporary houses, and homes situated on farm land, the area has it all and gives another fun perk of being in real estate.

As you can see, working in real estate in the High Country of North Carolina is very important. You can read Emily Shack’s Top 5 Reasons and Sarah Long’s Top 5 Reasons as well.

About the Author

Shalamar Blevins grew up in Ashe County, right next to the North Fork of the New River. Shalamar loves the outdoors after spending most of her life kayaking and hiking in her own front yard. 

Throughout her life, Shalamar tried to learn every art form she could get her hands on, from ceramics to African Batiking! Being creative and adding a splash of lively color is Shalamar’s superpower. After studying the classic mediums from local masters such as Stephen Shoemaker and Lenore DePree, Shalamar attended the North Carolina School of the Arts in Winston- Salem before attending UNC-Asheville. After graduating in 2011, Shalamar spent time traveling through Europe and Asia before moving back to the North Carolina High Country to start her own studio and to work for Florence Thomas Art School.

To this day Shalamar still loves to travel and hosts small art classes on location and at festivals. She joined the 828 Real Estate gang in the fall of 2021. Since then, she has been working diligently to provide their agents and clients with the latest marketing tools, while celebrating the adventures that await in the 828! Shalamar got married to wonderful fellow Ashe County native, Micheal the summer of 2021. Micheal is a 13 year US Army Veteran, recently graduated from Nursing school and just started a career at Watauga Medical. They have 2 fur babies, an Australian Shepherd named Quill and Chocolate Lab named Brody. These boys keep Mike and Shalamar on their toes!

 When Mike and Shalamar aren’t working on their garden and home improvement ventures, they love spending time with their big family and friends while exploring the local music and art scene of NC High Country!