5 Reasons Why You Should Choose a Career in Real Estate

Key unlocked a front door of a new home bought trough a real estate professional.

A career in real estate is estimated to grow 7 percent by 2028. There are many reasons to choose a career in real estate, especially if you’re ambitious and hard-working.

Here are 5 reasons why 828 Real Estate’s Emily Shack finds her profession rewarding.

#1: You Get to Help People

My favorite thing about Real Estate is helping people. Buying a home typically is the largest purchase someone will ever make. Being relatable and knowledgeable about the process is critical. Real Estate isn’t just about making transactions, it is about creating relationships with people. In order to help serve my client’s best interests, building a relationship with them is important. A home is more than just a structure, it’s a place where family and friends gather – a place where memories are made. It’s an honor to help others find the best home for them.

#2: It’s Perfect for Extroverts

I am an extrovert who gets energized by spending time with people so one of my top things I love about Real Estate is interacting with clients, inspectors, agents and other members of this incredible community. That’s the thing about real estate: it involves EVERYONE! It takes a lot of different people with different skill-sets to keep things running in this business. In a tight-knit community, like Boone, the people you work with often become your friends.

#3: You Get Great Co-Workers

I love that I get to work with such great agents. Real Estate is constantly changing so there is endless opportunity to learn from Sarah and the whole team at 828 Real Estate. While most of us are running in and out of the office to make it to showings, inspections, etc, it’s always a fun time when the 828 Real Estate family gets together. We try to have monthly social events to put work aside and get to know each other more. The camaraderie in the office makes the bad days good ones.

#4: You Work Schedule Is Flexible

Flexibility, flexibility and flexibility! I have 3 teenagers so one of my favorite things about Real Estate is being home with my kids in the mornings and being able to set my own schedule around my family’s schedule. Because we are essentially independent contractors, we make our own schedules (which doesn’t make them any less busy, trust me).

#5: There’s Always Something New

Last but not least, Each day is a new adventure, it is always different than the day before and that keeps me engaged and excited to work in Real Estate. Things come up, here and there. It can sometimes feel like a game of Whack-A-Mole when you’re trying to close on homes while also listing new ones. Yet, like I said, that’s the exciting part about this job. There’s always something new to learn as some of the most interesting things happen! Like we say in the office, Adventure awaits in the 828!

Interested in Becoming a Realtor in Boone, NC?

Our agents and brokers are here for our community. If you have any questions or interest in a career in real estate, reach out! We’d love to help you find your dream job within our industry!

About the Author

I have lived in North Carolina my whole life, 20+ years in the High Country. I grew up in Chapel Hill with a huge extended family. Naturally, I am a huge UNC fan. Although my whole family lived in Chapel Hill, the majority of them are Appalachian State graduates. So, when it was time to pick a college, I knew Boone was the place for me. I came to the mountains because, as my parents had always told me, it is an absolutely beautiful place and the people are so down to earth! That was 1997 and I have lived here ever since. I met my husband Dave at ASU and we married in 2001. We have 3 children, Elias, Faith, and Penelope. Our family lives in Downtown Boone. Dave teaches middle school science at Valle Crucis Elementary School. Before becoming a Real Estate Agent, I spent 5 years as the co-teacher of the 9-12 year old class at Mountain Pathways Montessori School. We are elders at our church, Harvest House, where I have taught preschool for the last 20 years. I can't believe it been that long.... time flies when you’re having fun! I met Sarah Long, 828 Real Estate's Broker/ Owner, in 1997. My interest in Real Estate developed when we bought our first home and has grown as we have bought and sold over the years. Sarah was our Realtor for years and suggested many times that I pursue Real Estate as a full time career. I am so glad I did. I am enjoying introducing others to the place I love and call home….I look forward to helping you find your perfect place!