Weekend Projects to Boost Your Home’s Resale Value

Person holding money they made off of weekend projects that added resale value to their home

One of the questions I get asked most often as a realtor is how to add value to a home. Many sellers ask me if they should remodel before they put their home on the market. I typically say no.

Many buyers want to do the work themselves after purchase. Sometimes there are little weekend projects you can do to boost your home’s resale value that don’t have to include a major kitchen or bathroom remodel.

8 Budget Friendly DIY Projects that Add Value to Your Home

When you’re prepping your North Carolina home for sale, a quick trip to the local hardware store can yield you all the tools you need for a weekend DIY project. Here are a few quick, painless and budget friendly projects to consider the next time you want to add value to your home.

#1: Update Lighting to LED

As many people know, lighting is a big deal especially when viewing a home on the market. Updating your outdated light bulbs to LED can make all the difference in staging your home. Natural lighting is important, but having bright lights in the bathrooms and kitchen can make all the difference in the world to potential buyers.

Smart home automation technology can add resale value to your home.#2: Upgrade to Home Features with Smart Technology

Technology has come a long way. People these days want to be able to monitor their homes from their phones. There is no surprise that upgraded home features with smart technology is now factored into appraisals for home sales.

Upgrading your thermostat, smoke detector, or home security system with smart home automation can help boost your property. A lot of people are in the area buying investment or second homes. Seeing that a home already is already outfitted for remote capabilities can help it stand out above other listings.

#3: Install a New Shower Head

In the High Country of North Carolina, many homes rely on deep well systems for their water supply. Sometimes the water pressure can be iffy, but that’s nothing a new shower head can’t solve!

There are so many types of shower heads and updating yours can be a small luxury that will help get your home noticed.

#4: Switch Out Internal Doors

Most homes come with standard hollow doors. Switching internal doors out for a refreshed solid wood can make the house seem more solid and help with noise control.

#5: Repaint the Front Door

Giving your porch a little TLC can make a world of a difference. Repaint the front door with a pop of color to make it look like it has been updated and maintained. It is a small project that can go a long way.

Landscaping your home with flowers and plants can add resale value and curb appeal.#6: Add Curb Appeal With Landscaping

You can not beat a first impression. Landscaping with native North Carolina plants, adding color with fresh flowers and cleaning up the lawn is an easy way to help the house look its best.

#7: Pressure Wash the Exterior and Driveway

Pressure washing cleans way years of dirt and grim away. Cleaning off the exterior of your home and the driveway is an affordable weekend project you can do yourself.

You have to admit. Watching the water scrub away is oddly satisfying!

#8: Tile the Kitchen Backsplash

The backsplash is the small area of wall between the cabinets and the counter. Tiling the kitchen backsplash can make all the difference. Don’t feel like committing to grout work? Try ordering the stick on tiles online from Amazon!

Sometimes it’s okay to do it yourself. But if you do need recommendations on High Country professionals to help add resale value to your home, our local vendors list has you covered.

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