Top Real Estate Marketing Tools

Online marketing tools for real estate professionals

Getting your business out there is important, but when an industry, like real estate, it’s even more important! You need top notch marketing tools to succeed in a career in real estate. In a market like we have here in the High Country, listings are going fast. People are flocking out of larger cities and to places like Boone and our surrounding areas. Interest rates are low too! It can be hard to keep up.

Four Marketing Resources for Realtors

#1: Canva

Adobe Creative Suites is fun and all, but it can be super expensive and requires a certain level of skill to fully understand. Canva is a graphic design platform that makes designing social media posts, paper documents, and your other marketing supplies a lot easier! There are templates, graphics, texts and additional features that are loaded into the program for you. Yet, you can still upload your own images and logos that you need. The program is available online for free, but certain features can only be used after purchasing the relatively affordable paid subscription.

#2: Mobile Phone Gimbal Stabilizer

You may be thinking, “What the heck is a Gimbal?” Let me tell you about it! It’s a user-friendly tool to take videos on your smartphone. All you need to do is pop your phone on the device, turn it on and press record! It will prevent your phone from shaking and moving around too much while filming. Since the world has gone partially virtual, this is a great tool when showing things to your clients! We use this for virtual tours to post on social media platforms or any other video filming needs we have.

#3: Email Marketing Platforms

Here at 828 Real Estate, we use Mailchimp as our email marketing platform. But, there are many other platforms you can choose from: Constant Contact, HubSpot, Drip, ConvertKit and more. These various platforms help you keep your contact lists, branding details and other email marketing resources in one place. Each “campaign,” as they are usually called,” can be designed right on the platform itself! This makes things super easy when you’re pushing out a lot of emails in a short amount of time. In the real estate world, this helps us put out new listing flyers to various clients and businesses in the area.

#4: Business Manager by Facebook

Social Media marketing has become one of the most important and most effective ways for small businesses to push their product or services. Business Manager is a new online platform Facebook has put out to help you draft, schedule and publish social media posts to Facebook and Instagram. In addition, the platform also performs analytical reviews on how your posts are doing. We use this every single day here at 828 Real Estate!

These are just a few tools and tricks that can help make marketing easier for you and your business! Happy Marketing!

About the Author

Shalamar Blevins grew up in Ashe County, right next to the North Fork of the New River. Shalamar loves the outdoors after spending most of her life kayaking and hiking in her own front yard. 

Throughout her life, Shalamar tried to learn every art form she could get her hands on, from ceramics to African Batiking! Being creative and adding a splash of lively color is Shalamar’s superpower. After studying the classic mediums from local masters such as Stephen Shoemaker and Lenore DePree, Shalamar attended the North Carolina School of the Arts in Winston- Salem before attending UNC-Asheville. After graduating in 2011, Shalamar spent time traveling through Europe and Asia before moving back to the North Carolina High Country to start her own studio and to work for Florence Thomas Art School.

To this day Shalamar still loves to travel and hosts small art classes on location and at festivals. She joined the 828 Real Estate gang in the fall of 2021. Since then, she has been working diligently to provide their agents and clients with the latest marketing tools, while celebrating the adventures that await in the 828! Shalamar got married to wonderful fellow Ashe County native, Micheal the summer of 2021. Micheal is a 13 year US Army Veteran, recently graduated from Nursing school and just started a career at Watauga Medical. They have 2 fur babies, an Australian Shepherd named Quill and Chocolate Lab named Brody. These boys keep Mike and Shalamar on their toes!

 When Mike and Shalamar aren’t working on their garden and home improvement ventures, they love spending time with their big family and friends while exploring the local music and art scene of NC High Country!