How to Avoid & Overcome Real Estate Sellers’ Remorse

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If you’ve ever sold a home, you know there’s a specific home selling process that needs to be followed before listing your home for sale.

First you need to contact an agent, give them your home’s details, and set up contracts. Of course, all this takes time. But what happens if somewhere during the process you regret putting your home on the market?

Read on to learn how to avoid and overcome real estate sellers’ remorse with prevention measures to seamlessly guide home selling from closing day to final sale and move out.

What is Sellers’ Remorse?

Sellers’ Remorse is an emotional response and can be common for first-time home sellers.

Sellers’ Remorse in real estate happens when a property owner regrets putting their home on the market to sell. It can be an emotional response when sellers question if they are making a mistake by listing their home for sale.

Sometimes Sellers’ Remorse happens when a seller needs to sell their home but doesn’t want to. Other times it happens during or after closing.

How Buyers & Sellers Can Prepare for Closing Day

This is especially common if the seller could have made more money by selling it a different way.

Basically, Sellers’ Remorse happens whenever you regret selling your home.

Prevention Measures Against Sellers’ Remorse

To avoid feeling like you’re making a mistake, know why you are selling your home. You should know where to start in the home selling process.

It’s best to have a plan! Here are some things you can do to prepare:

  • Account for emotion in advance. Before contacting a realtor, signing documents, or collecting moving boxes, realize that selling a home can be an emotional endeavor.
  • Know the market. Is this a good time to sell a home? Look at the current real estate market and research what it may be in the coming months as you prepare to sell your home.
  • Communicate with your realtor. Keep your realtor in the loop about what you’re feeling when it comes to selling your home.

I Want to Sell My Home, Where Do I Start?

Can Sellers Back Out of a Home Sale?

Once you list your home for sale and someone makes an offer your listing is marked as pending. The buyer only has 5 days to execute the purchase agreement. After that, sellers backing out of a home sale or real estate transaction can be complicated and legally binding.

If you’re selling your home but meet one of the following criteria, you will be able to back out of selling your home:

  • The contract hasn’t been signed.
  • The contract is in the 5-day review period.
  • The seller put in backout addendums in the contract.
  • A buyer doesn’t adhere to the contract terms or break contingencies.
  • A buyer couldn’t find financing.
  • A buyer wants repairs the seller isn’t willing to do.

To learn more about what causes allow sellers to back out of a home sale, learn about due diligence and earnest money processes in North Carolina.

Due Diligence & Earnest Money Processes in North Carolina

Making it to Closing Day

Congratulations! You made it to closing day! But what happens if you want to back out after making it to closing? What can you do?

It all depends on the contingencies outlined in the contract. If you said you could back out before the closing day, and the buyer accepted these terms, then you can back out.

Compensation is usually returned to the buyer for their time lost in this home buying process. Talk with your realtor if you want to know the details involved in backing out of a real estate transaction before closing day.

How to Move On After Selling Your Home

It is normal to feel sad when selling and parting with your home, but overcoming regret is an emotional burden that’s hard to move on from. Here are ways sellers can overcome Sellers’ Remorse and move on after selling their home:

  • Accept that it’s normal to feel sad. It sounds simple, but simply recognizing that it’s okay to feel sad really helps with Sellers’ Remorse.
  • Trust your real estate agent. If your real estate agent knows the market, they know what to expect.
  • Trust the people in your corner. Those who know you best will reassure you that this is the best decision you can make.
  • Allow time to grieve. If there are heavy emotions associated with the home and you need time to process the good and hard times you had in the house, allow space for this to happen. Sorting through emotions before will help with Sellers’ Remorse later.
  • Plan and celebrate the next chapter. What will you do after the home is sold? Dream a little and be excited about what’s to come!

At the end of the day, Sellers’ Remorse isn’t completely avoidable, but doing the groundwork and planning before listing your home for sale will make sure you’re able to mostly avoid and overcome it.

Let 828 Real Estate help you overcome Sellers’ Remorse before it happens. We assist in navigating this difficult market. We’re quick to communicate, efficient in sending great up-to-date listings, and thorough in completing the paperwork.

Let us be on your side in helping you find your dream home in the High Country.

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