How to Find Property Lines in the North Carolina Mountains

Land in North Carolina with property lines and boundaries

Sometimes you need to know where your property lines are for your commercial or residential land in the North Carolina Mountains. Maybe you want to know where to put a fence so it doesn’t butt up against your neighbor’s land or perhaps because you want to fall a tree that may be on your land.

Whatever the reason, it’s good to know where your property lines are so you can plan ahead, especially if you are planning to buy NC Mountain land.

Here’s how to find property lines in the North Carolina mountains online, through previous surveys, and clues around your property, along with the importance of reading your deed to confirm boundaries.

What Are Property or Boundary Lines?

Property lines, or boundary lines, are clearly defined areas where your property starts and ends. “Frontage” is the front area of land, and the land on the sides of the house is known as “sidelines.”

Getting to Know Your Boundaries is Essential

It is essential that you know where to find your property line because, well, it’s your property! Getting to know your boundaries does away with any “gray area” you may have with your neighbors.

It’s helpful to know this so you can plan for installing a fence, pool, shed, home addition, or landscaping changes. Knowing your property lines also helps avoid lawsuits with neighbors.

How Property Boundaries are Determined

In short, property lines are the three (or more) corners of your property that a surveyor has designated as the surveyed land. If the land has never been surveyed, a state-accredited surveyor will use string on a survey monument and stretch out the line to create the boundary and determine your property boundaries.

For a video overview of how surveying works, check out this video:

Finding Your Property Lines

Finding your property lines can be complex. If the land has been surveyed before, there will be records at your local courthouse. There may be fees associated with this, however, and the price can widely depend on where you live.

A good place to find where your property lines are is by visiting your local county clerk’s office, recorder, or assessor. If you live in Boone, you can visit the Watauga County Courthouse.

If you know the company that surveyed the land, they will most likely have the records too.

 Look Up Property Lines Online

There are a few ways to look up property lines online, some are free, and some require payment. Here’s a quick list of websites you can visit to look up boundaries on the internet:

  • AcreValue: According to their website, AcreValue “is the new way for farmers, land professionals, and landowners to research agricultural land and discover the value of carbon farming.” This easy tool allows you to see general property lines in counties. While it’s not 100% accurate, it gives you an idea of where lines are drawn. You may not be able to see your property if you own a small parcel of land because of the nature of the tool.
  • Regrid app: The app allows you to view parcel maps around you and pulls up information on any property. You’ll see its boundaries, address, ownership, and more.
  • Property.US: This tool that gives details, including value, tax records, and permits. They have a free version, but you can see more advanced features if you pay.

Search for Survey Markers & Pins

One of the first ways to find your property line can be by searching for survey markers and pins. Common property markers used by surveyors can include simple stakes, flags, and pins.

If you know the general location of these markers, consider borrowing a metal detector and using it to find the metal markers.

Locate Previous Surveys or Plats

In the US, only landowners and courts can move or create boundary lines. To locate previously surveyed land or plats, visit your jurisdiction’s building inspector. They keep detailed records of surveyed areas. In Boone, you can visit the Watauga County Planning & Inspections building.

Hire a Professional Surveyor

Professional surveyors usually do their work before you enter the picture, but there may be a time when you need to hire one to confirm property lines with a neighbor. Another reason to hire a professional surveyor is that your mortgage lender may want to confirm the boundary lines to mitigate the risk of encroachment during the North Carolina due diligence process.

Last Word of Advice: Read Your Deed

I’ve mentioned it before but reading the deed to your property will give you all the necessary answers. The courthouse and closing attorney will have the deed for you to look at. They can also give you the answers you need so you can rest easy after purchasing a home.

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