Resources for Fair Housing Month

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April is Fair Housing Month which commemorates the 1968 Fair Housing Act prohibiting discrimination in housing. Both the NC and the National Association of Realtors are offering tips and resources to spread the word this month, making it easier to market your business as being committed to fair housing.

The topic of Diversity is hotter than ever as evidenced in the National Association of Realtors and North Carolina Association of Realtors efforts towards raising awareness and education on the issues surrounding diversity, our Code of Ethics and adherence to Fair Housing standards.

New to both National and State Realtor® Associations, Diversity Committees have been formed to “promote REALTOR® voices in an inclusionary manner that reflects its members, local communities, and statewide diversity opportunities and initiatives.”

NAR’s Diversity and Inclusion Commitment Statement

“The National Association of REALTORS® represents more than 1.4 million REALTORS® in diverse communities across the country. NAR staff fosters a culture where diversity and inclusion are integrated into each of our five core values. Through inclusive collaboration and mutual respect for our colleagues, we focus on the principles that matter to the organization and drive how we engage each other to reach our common goals. We fully embrace perspectives from all walks of life—regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, religion, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, national origin, socioeconomic status, political affiliation or any other qualities by which we may define ourselves. We commit to bringing out the best in ourselves, uncovering our hidden talents, and celebrating differences in our day-to-day interactions. These beliefs are essential as we serve our members who help fulfill the dream of home and property ownership in America.”

At Home With Diversity

NAR has developed and now offers a new course, At Home With Diversity, which addresses the topics of diversity, fair housing, and business planning development. The course is 6 hours and can be taken online or through various training centers and counted as CE credit and toward other certifications in most states. The course is discounted in the month of April in recognition of Fair Housing Month!

Fairhaven Simulation

Realtors® can take themselves through NARS’s Fairhaven Simulation, which simulates different scenarios and stories offering opportunities to confront discrimination in home buying and selling processes. The simulations will ask you to make choices and give specific outcomes based on those choices. You’ll be able to see discrimination from different angles and to learn more about applying the correct practices in real world transactions. Fairhaven Simulation videos and graphics can be found here:

NCAR’s Diversity and Inclusion Commitment Statement

NC REALTORS®, representing over 50,000 REALTORS® who reside in diverse communities across North Carolina, embodies our REALTOR® Code of Ethics, the governing document which protects the housing rights of all people, regardless of race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status, national origin, sexual orientation, or gender identity. We embrace equality and inclusivity, honoring individuals and respecting differing perspectives to reach common goals for the betterment of all. Racism and discrimination have no home in North Carolina. Adopted by the NC REALTORS® Board of Directors on October 15, 2020

NC Realtors Association has developed a learning center entitled, MOSAIC – Discussions on Diversity. Through Mosaic, Realtors can share their Diversity stories and learn from others’, learn about the holidays and observances of other cultures and populations and learn more about the Diversity Certification and Events. Here you will gain knowledge to assist you in being more sensitive and effective in dealing with clients.

To find out more about what’s going on at the state level, you can also join NCAR’s Facebook page.

Both NAR and NCAR have opportunities and events during April, Fair Housing Month. You can download pdf’s and articles to assist with Social Media, take the NC REALTORS® Visit Fairhaven Challenge to win fair housing swag , Earn CE on fair housing compliance with the virtual Focus on Fair Housing course on April 14 (CE included), and listen to real stories from peers-

All of this information can be found on NC REALTORS® website and is in your email box in the Realtor Rundown!

Resources for Inclusion of Minority Groups in Real Estate

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Asian Real Estate Association of America (AREAA)
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