Buying a Home During the Coronavirus – We Are Here For You!

Thinking about buying a piece of High Country property during the Coronavirus (COVID-19)? Now’s the time to take advantage of historically low interest rates across the state of North Carolina. We’re here to help you find your dream home in the 828 while maintaining safe social distancing guidelines.

Are Real Estate Agents allowed to help you buy a home in North Carolina right now?

YES! Roy Cooper, NC’s Governor, agrees that Real Estate is an Essential Business during this crisis! Our team of agents are working remotely, but they still are able to help you from home.

Is it safe to house hunt during this time?

We will do everything possible to ensure you and your family’s safety while searching for a new home:

  • Facilitating Online searches – In addition to sending you listings that match your most important criteria, searching via our allows you personal access to all listings in the High Country MLS.
  • Utilizing virtual tours. Most listing agents are now offering video tours. Or, I will take video and possibly Facetime with you while in the home so that you can ask questions as we go!  Once you have found the home you’re interested in purchasing, I am also happy to take measurements, etc. upon request.
  • Ensuring the house and neighborhood are a fit for you well before we enter any home. I’ll obtain maps, surveys, neighborhood photos, any additional info available to make sure the home is a solid match.
  • Viewing the home in person; If you are extremely interested and prepared to make an offer on a home in the near future by being pre-qualified, pre-approved or a cash buyer- I will strengthen safety for all by;Preparing the home to show with limited touching.  I will have doors open, lights on, etc.
    • Having everyone sign a Coronavirus Certification.
    • Limiting the number of people who enter.  No kids and only the primary parties; 1-2 at a time.
    • Continuing hygienic precautions with gloves, masks, booties and hand sanitizer before entering.
    • Taking separate cars and maintaining a 6’ foot distance from one another at the property.
    • Cleaning and disinfecting before and after each showing.  Washing hands, using hand sanitizer and disinfecting any surface that gets touched before exiting.

Can I Get Home Inspections Right Now?

YES! Home Inspectors, as well as other inspectors related to purchasing your new home are also Essential Businesses right now and are ready and waiting to work for you! At this time, most inspectors are wearing gloves, some are wearing booties and are conducting their inspections alone, without agents, buyers, or sellers present.

What about Appraisals?

Lenders in our area are conducting in-home appraisals, as usual.  However, The FHA has permitted alternative appraisals to be used in lieu of a full appraisal through May 17, 2020, as a result of the coronavirus. An alternative appraisal usually does not include an in-person interior inspection of the home. Instead, appraisers use exterior inspections, drive-bys, someone else’s inspection (such as a home inspector), or even a video walkthrough hosted by the seller in order to assess the home’s quality and condition.

Are There Possible Delays Right Now Due To Coronavirus?

Coronavirus may cause delays in areas of the Home Buying process.  Things you can do to streamline the process:

  • Make sure to have all documentation in the hands of your lender early in the process of house hunting.
  • Be prepared to jump through additional hoops with your lender to prove income, assets, etc.
  • Be patient with your Realtor®, the sellers and all parties involved as performing services, allowing only one person at a time into the home, getting things completed by due dates may take a little longer than usual.
  • You may also consider having the home deep cleaned before you move in.

What if There Are Delays Past the Contracted Dates?!

If it looks like tasks may not be completed within your Due Diligence timeframe, the Coronavirus Addendum can be added to your Purchase Agreement and signed by all parties, allowing for an extension of deadlines and pushing the closing date out for up to 30 days.

Know that 828 Real Estate has your back!

We will work harder than ever to stay in communication with you, answer all of your questions throughout the buying process and make the purchase of your new home as safe, straightforward and smooth as possible. If you’re interested in starting your High Country home search, fill out the Contact Us form below and we’ll be in touch with you as soon as possible!

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