828’s Pi Day Charity Fun-raiser

In honor of the never-ending magic of Pi (3.14…), 828 Real Estate is hosting a Pi Day Charity Fun-raiser to show our never-ending support to our local charities!

We will be using the ‘pie-launcher’ from the game ‘Pie Face.’ Each click of the handle brings the pie closer to launch. It could take three clicks or ten clicks- we don’t know until we play. (Not familiar with “Pie Face”? Watch a tutorial by clicking here.)  The premise is similar to the traditional dunk tanks- except we are using pie! For every $5 donation, will earn a click to an agent of your choice, make multiple donations to increase their chances of getting creamed. 

Example: If you send in a $15 donation for Sarah Long, she will have to click pie launcher 3 times.



Although we’ll have all the fun, all donations collected will be shared amongst the Western Youth Network, MountainTrue, and EDGE: Education for Girls Empowerment charities.


How to Donate:

Please, send in your donations and the name of your 828 Real Estate Agent (who you want to get a pie to the face) by  March 13th, 2022.

You can send donations via Venmo at @RealEstate_828 or scan the QR code below. Don’t have Venmo and don’t want to miss out on the fun? No worries!

Call our office at 828-386-6047 or email [email protected]


Watch live on 3.14.2022, AKA ‘Pi Day’ to see who gets creamed. 

We will be broadcasting this event LIVE on Facebook at noon on 3.14.2022. Click here to RSVP to our event.

Drop a comment during the live feed to show some love, and we will enter your name for a chance to win a gift card to Stick Boy Bakery.